Virtual Private Networks

VPNs are an ever-growing need in a world of malware, prying eyes and malicious intent. Did you click the button above? If you did then you'll likely see that your PC/Phone/Tablet is giving away your exact location to the rest of the world. Lets talk about why this is a big problem for your privacy and security...


Distributed Denial of Service - Where an attacker can block your physical access to the internet using multiple sources to flood your IP address (router) with so much internet traffic that it becomes impossible for you to connect. Not only is this inconvenient, but if you're running your business, downtime can mean lost profit, we all know that time is money, and the longer you're offline, the more you lose.


More and more services online are becoming location-restricted over time, however, the GSN VPN solution can break the barriers between countries, meaning you can be in the USA one moment and Sweden the next, all of this is completely seamless and we'll talk about more benefits to this later.


The less the world knows about you, the better. When it comes to VPN connections, whether you're sitting at home or accessing your services on public WiFi, a VPN can protect your internet traffic from spying by encrypting all of your data as you send and receive it, meaning that no middle-man can gain access to it.

Bringing Everything Closer

If you're working from the UK, but your server/storage is located in Germany (for example), using a secure and fast VPN can be an easy way to speed up that connection so you can get more done, and because everything is encrypted end-to-end, you won't need to compromise security for that speed either.

GSN VPN - Coming Soon...

We're currently working to offer a brand new and more scaled VPN service to our customers. If you're currently subscribed to our services, you'll be contacted by your account manager and advised on how this will affect you.

Leading Security

Backed by NGE (Next Generation Encryption) and AES 256-bit encryption right out of the box, your security is our top-priority. Your traffic can't be read by us, the government or even your ISP (Internet Service Provider e.g. Virgin Media, BT, Comcast, AT&T).

Competetive Pricing

Whether you're a home, small business or enterprise user, all of our pricing is individually-tailored and extremely competitive. You'll always get the best deal by coming to us directly.