Why Mobile?

The digital-age has gone portable. Emerging technologies like 5G are bringing us closer and closer to a fully-portable and connected lifestyle.

We're able to send money with a tap, send a message from one side of the planet to the other in the blink of an eye, but how does your business react to this?

Anti-Virus on PC?

Chances are, you've protected your PC against all of the advertised odds right? Did you know that less than 1% of the world's 2.5bn smartphones are protected against emerging digital threats?

Why GSN?

Our partners and expert management team allow us to provide world-class BYOD and consumer mobile support. In short, your PC is protected, so let us secure your mobile world too.

Managed Devices.

GSN infrastructure is ready for deployment to all Android, iOS and BlackBerry smartphones. Enforce good screen-lock habits, track company devices in realtime and erase sensitive data with the tap of a button.

Loss Prevention.

With AssetWatch technology, we have one of the highest recovery rate of lost or stolen devices. An individual chain-of-custody for every device means individuals are held accountable for company-issued property or stock.

GDPR Ready.

Enforce encryption on company-assets to meet the required standard for GDPR, protecting emails, documents and customer information to avoid large, damaging fines and potential losses.

Windows Included.

Our Mobile Management includes Windows 10 devices. Enforce encryption, set policies and lockdown devices that access sensitive corporate information.

Seamless VPN.

Require a VPN connection to access your company data, protecting it from prying eyes while using public networks like the Cloud and free WiFi in Cafes and Airports.