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As well as offering a wide-variety of solutions to Datacenters across the world, GSN also offers the services that those facilities provide. Quick and easy web-hosting, VPS, Azure, AWS and more...

More locations, greater reach...

GSN offers datacenter services all around the world with the help of our partners without compromising the price. We guarantee you won't pay extra by choosing us, thanks to our price promise*

United Kingdom - London, Bristol and Maidenhead

USA - Denver, Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, New York and more...


Japan - Tokyo and Kyoto

Germany - Berlin

France - Paris and Calais







And many more... These are just some of the locations we're able to provide, additionally, all of our datacenter locations double as VPN locations for you to secure your connections using the latest technologies including WireGuard.

Software Solutions - Datacenter

Windows Server - 2016/2019

Linux - Various Server Distributions


Security Solutions - Bitdefender GravityZone

Support Solutions - Datacenter

24/7 Access to resources and knowledgebases

Dedicated, personal support for your needs

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime - Or you money back!

Cloud-backed solutions with redundancy - Always online, DDoS Proof, Guaranteed.