About Us

Who are we?

GSN stands for Global Solutions Network. We are a worldwide provider of software, hardware and support solutions for home, small-medium business and enterprise. Our mission is to provide affordable, hassle-free solutions to a variety of customers without the overheads suffered by traditional businesses in our space.

Est. 2012

With 8 years of industry experience, GSN have traded under Netlyfe, Koboi and Intellitec Digital. It took us some time to find our place in the market, but we've hit the sweet spot and our new name is designed to reflect our offering, solutions.

Effortlessly Bespoke

We endure the painstaking process of building partnerships and relationships with the biggest names in the software industry so when it comes to you, we can offer the best of any service. We analyse your needs in terms of security, usability, accessibility and more, then we provide you with the set of services manageable under one roof, keeping your eyes on your bottom-line and off the support screen!